Affiliated Student Courses on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Our course are also available as commissioned courses for students affiliated to an institution, company or organization, and the like, for which the admission is much simpler compared with the rules for attending as a regular student. If you attend the course this way there is no formal admission procedure.. However, your institution must agree to cover a fee for the course (price avvailable on request).

The contents and quality of the affiliated student courses are the same as the regular individual student courses,.

If you are a EU/EAA or Swiss citizen we recommend that you attend the regular course, as it is free of charge. However, you will then have pass the formal admission procedure to be able to attend the course.

If you are a non-EU/EAA citizen we recommend the affiliated student course option, as the cost is then defrayed by your institution, rather than by yourself.

If you are interested in attending the affiliated student courses and getting more information, please sign up here.

Please address Inquires on the affiliated student courses to