PhD Student Course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

The course is also available as a PhD student course, for which the admission is much simpler compared with the rules for attending as a regular student. You must be registered as PhD student at a university or corresponding organization. If you attend the course this way there is no formal admission procedure as you are already regarded as qualified, being a PhD student. However, your institution must agree to cover a fee for the course (price avvailable on request).

The PhD student course has the advantage that it can be started at any time of the academic year, even for a single student. Thus, you are not bound to only the two fixed slots available per year for the regular course.

The contents and quality of the PhD student course are essentially the same as the regular course, but the teaching platform is different and the teaching form is a bit different to match the higher qualification of a PhD student, compared with the regular student.

If you are a EU/EAA or Swiss citizen we recommend that you attend the regular course, as it is free of charge. However, you will then have pass the formal admission procedure to be able to attend the course.

If you are a non-EU/EAA citizen we recommend the PhD student course option, as the cost is then defrayed by your institution, rather than by yourself.

If you are interested in the PhD student course and getting more information, please sign up here.

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