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The single student course on pharmaceutical bioinformatics is given twice a year, starting in beginning of September and middle of January. The course is scheduled for half-time studies over a 10 weeks period, but can be attended to a large extent at your own speed.

After you’ve signed up further information will be sent to your email. The formal requirements for admission you will find by following this link. You will be asked to send in information to support your qualification before you are finally accepted.

The formal application procedure takes place via this link: The application period for Spring term 2020 opens on September 16 and closes on October 15 2019. Please apply early to have a chance to attend !

The course is free of charge for citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland, and non-EU/EAA residents under certain conditions. Full information on the options available will be e-mailed to you after you have signed up on the form to the right on this page.