Signing up for PhD student course

To sign up for the PhD student course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics enter your contact information on the right-side form.

The PhD student course can be started at any time of the academic year and is normally scheduled for half-time studies over a 10 weeks period, but a flexible schedule is also possible to suit your needs the best. As there are no fixed times, the course can be taken on spare times, in the evenings or on the weekends.

After you’ve signed up, further information will be sent to your email. Information on the PhD student course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics is also available here.

The course is open for all PhD students, irrespectively of nationality.

To participate in the PhD student course your institution needs to pay a fee for the course. Please observe that the student will not be charged for the course – only the student’s institution.

If you rather prefer to attend the regular course, which is given only twice a year, but which is free for EU/EAA citizens, you should instead sign up here.